Dwyran Farm

Dwyran Farm is a farmstead located in Anglesey, Wales. The proposal is to create an off grid and self-sufficient building while exploring sustainable materials and methods of construction.

The client is directly involved in the building process, becoming experts in construction and therefore able to maintain and repair the farm in the future.

The proposal is to convert the previous pig farm into a multi use community hub along with a camping site and associated facilities. The main barn is turned into a community building while the outbuilding will be turned into supporting facilities, with showers, dry toilets and communal kitchen.

The adaptation of the existing buildings is in keeping with the existing fabric. New barrel vaults roofs are proposed on the outbuildings to provide enhance internal communal spaces.

 ‣  Client: Private 
    Budget £300,000.00
    Location: Anglesey, UK
    Stage: Planning