Dwyran Farm

Dwyran Farm is a farmstead located in Anglesey, Wales. The proposal is to create an off grid and self-sufficient building while exploring sustainable materials and methods of construction.

The client is directly involved in the building process, becoming experts in construction and therefore able to maintain and repair the farm in the future.

The proposal is to convert the previous pig farm into a multi use community hub along with a camping site and associated facilities. The main barn is turned into a community building while the outbuilding will be turned into supporting facilities, with showers, dry toilets and communal kitchen.

The adaptation of the existing buildings is in keeping with the existing fabric. New barrel vaults roofs are proposed on the outbuildings to provide enhance internal communal spaces.

 ‣  Client: Private 
    Budget £300,000.00
    Location: Anglesey, UK
    Stage: Planning

Crinkle Crankle

The 2023 strawberry table is a bricolage interpretation of a traditional English garden feature: the crinkle crankle wall. Whereas its waves usually keep fruit trees sheltered, the sinuous low-level wall bears strawberries today.

Using the structural strength provided by its curved geometry, the low-level wall is one leaf thin: an opportunity to create unexpected encounters either side of the wall and to celebrate one strawberry at a time!

The structure has been assembled without mortar with the support of stonemason from PAYE. The stone bricks are Portland Stone Heritage bricks, cut from stone waste and donated by Albion Stone. The clay bricks have been salvaged from local London site by General Demolition. Once all strawberries are eaten, the table will be dismantled for immediate reuse.

 •  Client: AA School of Architecture
    Budget: £3,000.00
    Location: London, UK
    Stage: C
ompleted in 2023

Partisan Refurbishment

↬ Partisan Collective in Manchester needed the provision of an inclusive, accessible, not-for-profit platform and space in Greater Manchester.

There, its members meet, share, learn, create, perform and dance together. The proposal was to adapt the existing industrial building to the multiple uses generated by the collective. The existing building was transformed with significant internal changes to create additional internal spaces, opening up and linking existing spaces while fitting an accessible toilet and making the space more accessible.

The works were carried out by a local contractor, while the decoration was done by Partisan Collective.

⁃   Client: Partisan Cooperative
    Budget: £5,000.00
    Location: Manchester, UK
    Stage: C
ompleted in 2021

Making Partisan

Adaptive reuse of former synagogue into community building for the cultural cooperative and social space: Partisan Collective. The proposal is to adapt the building to its new users and make it accessible over its two floors. 

The former synagogue is a listed building located in the centre of Manchester and the proposed works were to be carried out by Partisan members. The proposed works were developed to planning stage with a proposed change of use and listed building consent, before Partisan moved out to a new location in Saltford.

⁃   Client: Partisan Cooperative
    Budget: £300,000.00
    Location: Manchester, UK
2017-2020, Planning, Unbuilt.