Gerry’s Pompeii
Point  Cloud  Survey 

Gerry’s Pompeii is a visionnary environment located in North London.

It was created by the late Gerard Dalton (1935-2019) and originally occupied a one bedroom flat and back garden on Regent’s Canal. The flat and courtyard are now empty. The only remaining work in situ is the additional 50 meters long garden located along Regent’s canal.

Gerard Dalton called himself a gardener. Following his death in 2019, the Save Gerry’s Pompeii Campaign has endeavored to preserve the garden in inventive ways responding to Gerry’s creative spirit whilst initiating a community-led public programme. 

Due to its improvised and amateur method of construction, using cement, caulk or bathroom sealant, the garden is vulnerable to weather and rainwater. It requires care and daily preservation.
In collaboration with curator Sasha Gallitzine and founder of Gerry’s Pompeii charity, we were able to record the garden’s condition in July 2023.

With artist Quentin Martin, we were able to conduct a point cloud survey using lidar scanning and photogrammetry. The data are now being processed and will be translated into multiple forms, possibly with a virtual tour and models.

•  Client: Gerry’s Pompeii Charity
    Budget: Confidential
    Location: London, UK
Survey in July 2023 - on going for data processing